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Access to Breast Cancer Screening

Access to breast cancer screening including free mammograms is available through designated providers in Southwest Michigan all year long (not just in October).

The Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BCCCNP or B-Triple C-N-P) continues to provide cancer screening and diagnostic services as it has for 22 years.  BCCCNP can help you make choices about how and where to get a mammogram and Pap test.

Depending on your family size and income, you may receive information about:

  • Enrolling in BCCCNP for free services
  • Applying for Healthy Michigan Plan full coverage Medicaid
  • Purchasing health insurance through the Marketplace

Help is just a click or phone call away:

Click to visit website

269-373-5213 or toll free 1-888-243-4087

If you have insurance with a high deductible or no insurance at all, help is available to pay for additional testing after an abnormal mammogram or Pap test.  These exams are covered for eligible women:

  • Consult office visit with breast surgeon or OB/GYN MD
  • Diagnostic mammogram, extra views, breast ultrasound
  • Colposcopy with cervical biopsy
  • Breast biopsy or aspiration

Call BCCCNP at 1-888-243-4087 or 269-373-5213

If you have a newly diagnosed breast or cervical cancer, you may qualify for Medicaid through the Breast & Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Program.

Call BCCCNP at 1-888-243-4087 or 269-373-5213